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Imagine, being able to launch simple Little UGLY Mini Course whenever you wanted to…

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You could launch as many of these courses as you wanted to!

You could do like we do…

And learn how to build a “Digital Product Library"

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But you see that’s just the sales…

We haven’t even talked about the list of subscribers that you’re able to build from this as well...

We will reveal this “Stupid Simple” Formula to you and I PROMISE you’ll be hooked!

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If you hang out with us for a few days we’ll not only reveal this formula to you

We’ll build it all out WITH YOU!

And you’ll be able to do this over and over as many times as you want

You’ll even be able to do this for other people

And that’s where you can really start banking the dough we’re talking about a 2x, 3x even 10x in your business


Price & Upsells

FE: Live 3-Day Interactive Workshop - ($7.00 - $12.95)
The customer will get to attend a live 3-day workshop. In this workshop they will actually set up their own group. LIVE ON THE CALL! They will learn how our infamous interactive "7-Minute Course Creators Workshop" where we show our students how to create simple little mini-courses in minutes. Real results, combined with warm up sessions, gamification, contests and massive engagement..."

OTO 1: 7 Minute Course Creation VIP Member - ($37.00 - $47.00)
The first upsell is the VIP Member. This is where the customer will receive the replays inside of our gamified members area. They will also receive the cheat sheets and workbook for the call as well. Finally there is a LIVE Q&A that takes place each night after the workshop concludes. ONLY VIP MEMBERS can attend this.

OTO 2: Trilogy Member - $67.00
The 2nd upsell gives the customer the ability to become a VIP Member for 3 FUTURE WORKSHOPS. We are scheduling these workshops on a monthly basis and have been running them for quite some time.

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