About Affiliate Marketing

It is one of the easiest ways to make money online, Find out all you need money with affiliate marketing on our website.

We have many affiliate marketing tips and advice that can help you make money online and work from home like I have for the last 17 years after fracturing my back in two places and becoming unemployable.

I first started buying products online and reselling them on eBay. I then came across a product call Temporary Tattoo Sleeves and I got in early and registered most of the domain names for “tattoosleeves”

I then spent the next few moths teaching myself everything from about affiliate marketing web site creation, SEO , setting up a back linking campaign and everything else that you need to be succesful online.

I ended up having at least 4 of my tattoo sleeve websites and my eBay Store coming up on the first page of Google and I was selling to over two hundred countries in the world.

I even ended up being a sponsor of the GBK’s American Music Awards, MTV Movie Awards and the Kids Choice Awards gifting lounge. Were I was lucky enough to get some major celebrities with my product and get my brand out there even more.

Check out my American Music Awards Video Below


While running my Tattoo Sleeve business, I also started dabbling in affiliate marketing using everything I had taught myself the right software to use, and I started to make a bit more money online from many different affiliate marketing websites.

After a few years I made the Tattoo Sleeves too popular and a lot of the manufacturers started selling tattoo sleeves direct from China. Which forced the prices down where it became no longer worth selling them, so I got out of it while I was on top and just concentrated on affiliate marketing.

So on this site I will show you many ways to make money online and what software I use to be successful online. Including Easy Backlinks, one of the easiest software to use to get backlinks and traffic