Do you have any cash to spend? Here’s How to Get Professionally Started for Under $20

Here’s what you should do if you want to get started in affiliate marketing but just have a small amount of money to spend.

1) Pick a domain name.

If you have no clue what you’ll be marketing, this may not be the best next move for you. It’s not necessary for your domain name to perfectly match your product, although it may make things easier when you’re just getting started.

You can use a domain spinner to see what is available when you are ready to choose a domain name. Do not attempt to establish a domain name using any words that may be trademarked. If you don’t, the person who owns the trademark can force you to give up the domain.

Go to one by searching for domain spinner on Google. Enter a few variations of the domain you’re looking for to see what’s available. Go to the following stage if you’ve found a nice one that’s still accessible.

2) Go to and create an account.
You are not obligated to use HostGator, but it is a beginner-friendly host with excellent customer support and one-click instals that allow you to pay on a monthly basis. Another nice option is Dreamhost.

Create a user account. The monthly cost of the hatchling plan is $7.16. You’ll be able to register your domain name if it’s available when you’re joining up. This will set you back around $11 or $12 every year.

Do you have any cash to spend?

After you’ve secured a domain name and a hosting account, you’ll want to start building your website. It’s simple to get started by having Hostgator install and use WordPress for you.

Going into your control panel – using the URL from the welcome e-mail you received – and selecting quickinstall and then wordpress and following the steps is a simple method to achieve this. If you have any issues, contact Hostgator support. They are quite beneficial.

3) After your website is up and running, you’ll need to start creating content. Don’t worry if it’s not great at first; you can always make changes afterwards. The most important thing to remember at first is to get started. Before you can start making real money online, you must make a lot of mistakes. You want to start making mistakes right now!

4) Consider starting a mailing list — aWeber offers a one-month free trial.

What is the topic of your content? Is there anything that folks who might be interested in purchasing the items you’re marketing want to know about? If you have answers that people want, you can compile a list and distribute them.

You can also provide product recommendations in your communications to your list. This is an excellent approach to keep your website and message in front of individuals who are looking to purchase the products you promote.

There’s a lot to learn about list building, so join up for a few lists of websites that sell the same things you’ll be selling to get started. How do they manage to do it? How frequently do they send mail? How do they arrange their e-mail communications and what items do they recommend? Do their messages entice you to make a purchase?

Once you have a domain name, a website, and a list, you are now ahead of 99 percent of people who want to go into affiliate marketing. Sure, you have to spend some money to get there, but that will just serve to further inspire you. Keep going and you’ll soon see your first profit!