For affiliates, there is a difference between selling and preselling.

It’s critical to understand the distinction between selling and pre-selling as an affiliate marketer. Pre-selling should be done by affiliate marketers. Selling should be done by the vendor or firm selling the product.

If done correctly, pre-selling can dramatically enhance conversions.

Consider the following three possibilities.

1) If you were on my mailing list and I sent you an email saying, “Check this out,” with a link. How likely do you think it is that you will go see it? Probably not very likely. I understand that I am busy, and if I have no need to click on a link in an e-mail, I will simply delete it.

2) If I sent you an e-mail about a product that you had no interest in or desire to acquire, and I tried to sell it to you. I told you all about this product and why you should get it RIGHT NOW RIGHT NOW! As if it were an infomercial. That’s funny. If it were up to me, I’d probably just delete the e-mail. What are your thoughts?

3) If I sent you an e-mail and you already knew and trusted me and believed that I was looking out for your best interests – and I wrote in that e-mail, “Wow, I’ve been using this new product and it’s been so amazing. This is what it has done for me, and these are the reasons why I adore it, and I believe it may be able to assist you as well. Take a look at it here. After that, I included a link.

Would you go to that website and click on that link? Yes, you could.

The first scenario is a non-starter. It’s junk mail. The second scenario involves selling, which is not your job. Pre-selling is the third scenario, and when done correctly, it may be very effective. Not everyone will buy because not everyone will be interested – but those who are will be more likely to click on your links if you employ scenario number three, and getting them to click on the link with a positive opinion of the product already in their heads is 95% of the time.

Pre-selling entails persuading the individual reading the information to consider how this product will benefit them. Pre-selling also entails using a warm, conversational tone, as if you were speaking with a friend.

Even if you’re promoting a real item like gardening gloves or a swimsuit, you want to pre-sell rather than sell. You want to extol the virtues of this swimwear and how stunning it appears on women. In your page content, you want to be open and engaging, and you want to have a bit of a discussion.

Take a peek at this web page.

That is a Squidoo page dedicated just to recommending bubble chairs in the hopes that someone will purchase one. Notice how light and welcoming the language is? This is a pre-sale.

Always remember that as an affiliate, your job is to pre-sell, not to sell. Provide information, offer a lot of photographs, be nice, and provide a lot of links so that your visitors may go to your site and start shopping whenever they want.