How long does it take for income to appear?

If you’re new to affiliate marketing, you might be wondering how long it takes to start seeing results from your efforts. Especially if you’re currently paying for hosting and domain names.

This is a highly subjective statement because not everyone begins with the same level of knowledge or employs the same tactics. Affiliate marketing has a steep learning curve, and many newcomers become irritated and give up before ever seeing a dollar.

Many others spend hundreds of dollars on information product after information product in an attempt to figure out how to make money online. There are some secrets, but many of them can only be discovered via trial and error. And the rest of them won’t make much sense until you’ve gained some experience.

So, the easiest approach to get started is to just do something, and do it right now. But that still leaves the question of how long would it take me to make money online unanswered. To be honest, any seasoned, successful affiliate marketer could definitely make money online in hours if they started over with the knowledge they have now.

However, the only way a newcomer to affiliate marketing may make money in hours is to provide a service, such as going to and saying, “I will write you 10 articles for X amount of money.” Even then, there is a learning curve to mastering how to use the site and persuade others to hire you.

My best estimation is that it will take about six months for someone who knows nothing about affiliate marketing to start making money. Oh my goodness! That’s depressing, isn’t it? To be honest, if you could find a mentor — someone who would take you under their wing and teach you what they know step by step – you would be able to start making money sooner. Within one to two months, perhaps.

In this situation, though, you are not learning affiliate marketing; rather, you are simply replicating someone else’s system. That’s ok; if it works, it works, and you can learn more later if you want to. Finding a mentor, on the other hand, is not straightforward. Your best approach could be to join a prominent Internet marketing forum, such as the warriorforum, and read everything you can.

There are even certain forums where you may pay a monthly subscription to gain access to a more private, concentrated group environment aimed at assisting novices. This is a good method for someone who is new to affiliate marketing to get started and try to minimize their learning curve. Whatever you decide to do, get started right now!