How to Earn $500 Per Day on ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

This is a post about How to Earn $500 Per Day on ClickBank Affiliate Marketing. If you are already familiar with affiliate marketing and ClickBank, click forwards to the “How To Make $500 Per Day With ClickBank Affiliate Marketing” section to learn more about how to make with ClickBank ($500 per day aim!). Otherwise, please keep reading!

Selling other people’s goods is one of the most basic ways to make online. The method is referred to as affiliate marketing. In a nutshell, you discover an appealing product online and reach an agreement with the vendor to receive a commision for each sale you bring to their website.

If you are an experienced affiliate marketer who is familiar with sales funnels, you will have an advantage. Anyone, regardless of prior experience, may learn how to generate using ClickBank.

Most importantly, how can you efficiently identify and advertise the proper products while making a decent living?

Why Choose ClickBank? Is it permissible?

Yes, ClickBank is a real company. They’re not as well-known as Amazon Associates, but they offer great products for marketers to recommend to our visitors.

If you want to promote a product as an affiliate, one of the first places you should look is ClickBank. The ClickBank marketplace is well-known for providing a wide range of products for which affiliate commissions can be earned.

How much can I make with ClickBank?

This is an extremely personal question. The most significant factors are the products you chose and how you advertise them. We’ll go over how to do that in detail in the next parts. However, if you’re wondering if you can make as a ClickBank affiliate in general, the answer is a loud yes.

It’s not uncommon to see folks earning three figures each day on ClickBank. A typical sale will pay you anything from $15 to $50 in commision. Assume it’s $30 on average. You’ll need four sales every day to reach $100.

Doesn’t it appear feasible? Depending on your level of expertise, you could make your first transaction in days or months.

After you’ve shown to yourself that it works, things get considerably easier.

Warren Wheeler of AMNinjas is an excellent example of someone who makes a lot of on ClickBank. He recently published a case study outlining how he used ClickBank to take a brand new affiliate website from zero to $300+ per day in under three months.

Both of these articles describe slightly different techniques. I’ll go over both of those strategies, as well as my prefered beginner path (and why I think beginners should follow it).


At this point, you should have a clear idea of what a good product looks like based on your analysis of top gravity items across all categories. You should also have a general notion of the areas or categories you want to focus on.

Many people will tell you that the most profitable ClickBank themes are health, wealth, and relationships, but you should look for something that interests you and that you can promote.

It’s time to choose a product to market.

Passion/intense interest is an advantage. This is something that a lot of people overlook. If your product or niche is successful and you begin to focus on increasing it, you will be eating, drinking, and breathing it for weeks, possibly months, and years to come. It makes things so much easier and allows you to endure when things go tough.

Gravity is not a hindrance.

People will tell you that you should choose a product with a gravity of at least 30. This is by no means a hard and fast rule. If the product fits the other items on this checklist, you can market it with a gravity of 5 and make a lot of money (and the one in the previous section).

The “Wow” factor and the answer to a unique problem

If someone in your target market reads this and says, “I need this!” “How did I survive without it?” Then you’ve got yourself a winner. It helps to be knowledgeable/interested in this niche to rapidly judge this point.

Outstanding sales page
Checkout is straightforward, compelling, and speedy.
Affiliate assistance/tools

If you require affiliate assistance, consider contacting the merchant. Because they earn when you do, good vendors will reply swiftly to affiliate inquiries and indicate that they care.

2. The Sales Organization

After you’ve chosen your product, think about the normal path your visitor will follow before purchasing it. The following are some of the most popular “journeys”:

If you employ direct linking, people will be taken directly to the vendor’s sales page. This used to work well and still does in some uncommon instances, but it is not recommended most of the time. You must first “warm up” your visitor before directing them to the offer page. Unfortunately, because this is the lazy man’s road, many people adopt it.

This method is considerably superior to the previous one. A landing page, often known as a lander, is a web page that acts as a conduit between the offer and the visitor. This might be a review of the offer, a video, an article, or something else different. The visitor would arrive, read the information, and then click a link that would take them to the offer.

AuthorityHacker employed the following method in the aforementioned case study: Opt-in > Lander > Offer You drive your visitor to a landing page where you offer them a free gift related to your offer in exchange for their email address. Then you send them an email with the offer (among other things).


The third approach is the most complex to use, but it has a huge advantage: it allows you to build your email list. You can continue to push offers to everyone who filled out your form.

As a result, it is the recommended method.

As the saying goes among internet marketers, “the money is in the list.” It really is. A low-cost, long-term asset that you can leverage with a single click is an email list.

So, what’s the best course of action?
First, create your landing page.

To generate a review, article, video, or anything else, you’ll need web hosting and/or a tool. I recommend ThriveThemes for this (works with WordPress).

Step two is to create your opt-in forms.

These are the forms that will capture your visitors’ email addresses. This is also feasible with Thrive Leads, a product from ThriveThemes. You should also read and review our Thrive Leads lesson.

Step 3: An email marketing platform is also required.

You should be able to manage your email list and send automated email sequences to your subscribers using this email marketing software (promoting your Clickbank product and other content). For this, I recommend ConvertKit.

Step 4: You’re finished!

You now have a product, a landing page (say, an article about the niche/product), and a lead magnet, which is a free eBook/video/etc. that you offer on the landing page in exchange for an email address.

When a visitor reads the page and is fascinated, they sign up for the freebie, which you then send to them through email using ConvertKit. A few days later, you pitch them the affiliate product.

Many businesses will generate email swipes for you. You can obtain some inspiration from their affiliate tools website.

3. Traffic

So, how can you persuade visitors to visit your specialised website and, consequently, your offer? When travelling in traffic, you can either “pay” by exerting effort and time, or you can “pay” for the traffic. Allow me to explain by breaking down the recommended traffic sources.


In a word, SEO is the process of increasing your website’s rating in Google search results when specified search terms are entered. One of the most significant benefits of SEO is that it is a long-term strategy that can provide you with visitors for years with no effort.

It’s also cheap or almost free if you perform all of the work yourself.

The negative is that it is slow at first; if it is your only traffic source, your first transaction could take up to three months. It’s also time-consuming and labor-intensive, especially if you’re attempting to rank for extremely competitive keywords.

For a detailed SEO strategy, see our beginner’s guide to Google ranking.

Check out our entire guide on how to start a blog for a step-by-step lesson on how to create a niche website and market it from the start.


Consider employing Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or other PPC ads if you have a budget and are willing to pay for traffic.

The first advantage is that you can start receiving traffic immediately after establishing a campaign. When you stop running the campaign, the “traffic tap” stops.

In addition, you are charged for each visitor or impression. The risks and stakes are higher with purchased traffic, but there are some intriguing perks, such as the ability to scale quickly by launching new campaigns and increasing spending.

SEO does not permit “on-demand” scaling.

You can also use a hybrid method, which I strongly recommend. If you’re on a tight budget, prioritise SEO and reinvest your revenues in more SEO and content before moving on to paid traffic.

This prevents you from putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Natural Social Media

It used to be profitable to develop Facebook pages, gain fans, and provide content. However, as you may be aware, Facebook has significantly reduced its pages’ organic reach.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to rely on organic traffic as a consistent source of revenue or visitors.

Most other social media networks followed suit in order to promote their own advertising.

When it comes to organic reach, though, Instagram and YouTube remain big players. Many affiliates make a lot of money by organically marketing products on these sites.


There are numerous approaches to this issue. You may record a video review of the product and provide a link to purchase it in the description.

You may create a video that offers free value in your niche before recommending the product as a “upgrade.”

If you can’t do it yourself, you can always hire someone on Fiverr for a reasonable price.

A coaching session about an unique YouTube marketing strategy has been recorded and published. Look into it if you want to go that route.


Instagram is still doing well, even if Facebook’s organic reach has decreased significantly. This is especially helpful in visual domains like food, pets, and sports.

There is lots of interesting content to share in these industries to establish a significant following.

The basic strategy is to consistently post interesting content on your Instagram account with relevant hashtags. Follow people in your industry and leave comments on their posts.

I also know a few people who built their Instagram profiles quickly only on influencer “shout outs.”

You may either use a service like ShoutCart or contact influencers directly (most of them list their email addresses in their bios).

How to Earn $500 Per Day Through ClickBank Affiliate Marketing

I recognise that the information offered here may be confusing, and that you are looking for a precise technique to start making money with ClickBank. The truth is that each of the “options” I’ve listed has the potential to earn revenue.

When in doubt, apply the Clickbank formula:

Choose a product that addresses a need, pays well, and has the potential and value to your target market.

Create a product-related article. It should be advantageous. Do some keyword research to find some low competition long tail keywords to write about.

At the end of the post, give away a free pamphlet with more dog training tips, such as “8 Dangerous Foods for Dogs You Didn’t Know About,” or something along those lines. Something that grab your reader’s curiosity and entice them to read on.

After they subscribe to your list, send them a couple of emails with links to further articles or useful content, and then offer your dog training solution once you’ve established their trust.

Rep the process and start building links. If you have the means, you can start running Facebook Ads and/or Adwords ads to the articles concurrently. Make sure your website contains at least 15 pages to maximise your chances of getting strong traffic from Google.

The following is the main, long-term strategy I recommend. It takes a lot of work, but it is well worth it in the end.

You could always go the easy approach and just construct an opt-in page and push bought traffic to it.

Despite their high conversion rates, these pages are less likely to rank in search engines or generate organic traffic.

Using “useful content generation” as a strategy allows you to use practically any traffic source sequentially or in parallel, resulting in a powerful, long-term asset that brings in leads, traffic, and sales on a consistent basis.


Q: How can I make money rapidly on ClickBank?

If you already have a large email list, a high-traffic website, or a sizable social following, this is a breeze. You combine those resources with a campaign geared to your target audience to make money online.

In contrast, the product should always match. It will most likely take some time if you do not have these items. Create and stick to a traffic-driving strategy — it will pay off!

Q: How much money can I make through ClickBank?

It’s a difficult question to answer. There are some products that sell tens of thousands of copies every month and pay a hefty commision. There are many ClickBank affiliates who earn over $5,000 each month. It will not be easy, but it is absolutely attainable!

Q: How long does ClickBank take to pay off?

This will vary from affiliate to affiliate. If you have a website and an email list, it might happen on day one of your sales funnel. However, if you are new to affiliate marketing in general, it will take some time.

A dedicated new marketer should be able to make money within a year. An skilled affiliate marketer should be able to profit from ClickBank in much less time. Many courses are available on ClickBank; you might be interested in our Commission Hero Review.

Q: How can I make money with ClickBank if I don’t have a website?

This is the ideal option if you already have an email list. If not, your only options are social media and paid advertising.


There are several ways to make money with Clickbank. This page has additional Clickbank and make money online articles.
I hope this was helpful, especially for beginners.

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