How to Get Credit for Your Sales with the Best Affiliate Networks

I’ll list the biggest affiliate networks and tell you a little bit about them here, and then we’ll speak about linking tactics and how affiliate networks know you’re the one who should be getting credit for any sales you bring in later.

Some businesses will run their own affiliate programs, which means your payments will come straight from them, and all of your reporting will be available on their website.

Other companies will use an affiliate network to handle their affiliate programmes, which means you’ll go to the affiliate network to acquire your links and track your numbers. Some businesses will run an in-house programme as well as a programme through an affiliate network.

The Amazon Associates programme is probably the most well-known in-house affiliate network. All reporting and linking is handled by Amazon, so if you want to be an Amazon affiliate, go to and sign up as an associate.

How to Get Credit for Your Sales

Now I’ll give you a rundown of the top five affiliate marketing networks. You might want to visit them and take a look around to see if they have any programmes that you’d like to promote.

Commission Junction ( is a website where you can earn money.

Commission Junction is a well-known affiliate network with a long history.

Linkshare ( is a website that allows you to share links with other people.

Linkshare has been around for quite some time as well. At linkshare, some significant programs include the affiliate program and the iTunes affiliate program.

Affiliate Network of Google

The Google affiliate network is a newcomer to the affiliate industry. That doesn’t imply they don’t know what they’re doing, though.

ShareaSale ( is a website that allows you to sell items online.
Shareasale focuses on small and medium-sized businesses, with a focus on ethical business methods.

Clickbank is a website that allows you to make ( (http://www.
Clickbank’s only objective, unlike the other networks, is not to connect firms and affiliates together, but it merits special note because of the enormous number of digital things that may be readily pushed by any affiliate.

So, once you’ve selected a product or two to offer on one or more of these affiliate networks, the next step is to figure out how to properly promote the product so that you can earn the commision you deserve.

Best Affiliate Networks

Each of these affiliate networks will provide you with a unique link to place on your website or elsewhere. These URLs should be copied and pasted into your website exactly as they were given to you.

In most cases, the links will include a one-by-one pixel graphic that tells the network how many times your link has been read. The connection will also have a specific code that will inform the network that it is yours.

You don’t want to play with with these links at all, especially if you’re a beginner. Copy and paste these links exactly to ensure that any and all sales you send to the company are credited to you.

What if none of the main affiliate networks have the company you wish to promote? When you go to Google and enter in “business name or product name affiliate” without the quotes, you’ll get this result. You can also seek for a link labelled affiliates on the company’s website. Although not every firm has an affiliate program, if this one does, these two tactics should help you find it.