Increasing Sales from the Traffic You Already Have

Getting more sales from the traffic you already have is an easy approach to make more money without having to attract more visitors. If you currently get an average of 100 views per day to a sales page and only get two sales out of those 100 visits, you should work on improving your conversion rates.

Conversion rates will vary greatly depending on what you’re offering, the type of traffic you’re receiving, and the market you’re in, but none of that matters. When it comes to increasing your conversion rates, you’re actually only competing with yourself. If there is a mechanism to measure such a thing, it doesn’t matter what the average industry conversion rate is.

Increasing Sales from Traffic

There’s always something you can do to improve your page, and there’s always something you can do to enhance your approach. Many marketers enjoy split testing, which is putting up two distinct versions of the same page and sending half of their traffic to each. Then they like to see which page brought in the most revenue.

When you’re an affiliate, this might be difficult because you don’t always have access to all of the analytics that indicate you where a sale came from.

However, there are some ways to test your material without split testing. Let’s have a look at them. So, if you know how many visitors your website receives each day and how many purchases your website generates each day, you may make one adjustment and track your sales for a month to see if it makes a difference. Changes like these are examples of what you might want to do.

1) On your sales page, change the photo or the position of the photograph.

2) Make a different call to action. Try saying something like “click here to see it now” instead of “purchase it here now.”

3) Modify some of the aspects of your sales page, such as the number of times you link to the product or where you connect to the product on the page.

4) Add more funnels to your sales page or increase the number of funnels on your sales page. What I mean is that if you’re currently linking to your sales page at the bottom of each other page on your website, you should consider linking to it at the top and bottom of each other page. Start connecting to your sales page from each of your other webpages if you haven’t already.

Traffic You Already Have

Only make one modification at a time, and keep track of your sales and conversion rates to evaluate what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be scared to revert to a previous state if something doesn’t seem to be working. Make a mental note of it and proceed. Increasing your revenues from existing traffic is a very worthwhile marketing strategy to explore. Every rise in conversion rate indicates that you are becoming a better marketer, and you can use that expertise to any future project you begin.