Repurposed Content for Scaling Up Efforts

So, if you’re new to affiliate marketing, you’ve undoubtedly heard a lot of people say that once you’ve figured out what works, all you have to do now is scale up your efforts. What does that mean, and how do you go about doing it?

When someone in affiliate marketing wants to scale something up, it basically means they want to take something that is working and make it bigger and better so that more people can see it and it can work in more ways. Typically, when people say they’re working, they’re referring to something that generates revenue. Finding affiliates is a good strategy to expand sales in internet marketing.

Let’s say you have a successful e-book sales page. You’ve conducted split testing and determined what works and what doesn’t, as well as your conversion rate. Now you identify affiliates who will bring traffic to this sales page, and depending on their reach, they can double, treble, or quadruple your present traffic, resulting in an increase in sales of the same magnitude. That is how affiliates may help you increase your sales.

What if you’re the affiliate, though? What are some ways you may increase the scope of your efforts? The most important one for anyone who creates information on the internet is to repurpose it.

You take content that you generated for one purpose and utilise it for a variety of different purposes and in a variety of ways.

Scaling Up Efforts

Here are a few illustrations. Let’s take a look at an educational essay you wrote for your website.

Put it on your website if you want to use it.

2) Turn it into an autoresponder message and send it to your email list.

3) Syndicate it (with a research box going back to your website) on ezinearticles and other article marketing websites, as well as with individual website owners.

4) Combine it with a few other excellent articles you’ve written on the same subject to make a brief report for sale or distribution. You may utilise it to attract folks to join your mailing list if you give it away. You might even provide others permission to distribute it as long as they maintain the links back to your site. “If you are reading this report, you have complete rights to give it away as long as you do not sell it and leave it exactly as it is,” say something in the report.

5) Turn the article into a video and upload it to YouTube and other video sharing sites. Each time, use a slightly different title and description that is still relevant to the content.

6) Convert the content to a pdf document and upload it to sites like

7) Take ideas from each paragraph of the post and rewrite and expand on them, then establish a page on Squidoo or another revenue sharing platform with this extended topic. For visitors and backlinks, connect these pages back to your original page.

8) Turn the article into a podcast by recording it and uploading it to a podcast platform. Discuss your website and include a link to it.

Can you see how repurposing your content will vastly expand your online reach while taking a fraction of the time it would to create fresh material? This is a great example of working smarter, not harder, and it should result in more traffic and revenue.