Striking Gold with Your Statistics

It can be difficult to know what to write about or create content about when you first start out in affiliate marketing. This is where knowing the keywords that people are using to find your site is quite beneficial.

Now is the moment to instal a statistics tool on your website if you don’t already have one. Most free and revenue-sharing sites provide statistics; all you have to do is figure out how to get them if that’s what you’re doing.

Knowing the keywords that people use to find your website is the most significant aspect of a statistics account. Google Analytics ( is a free statistical application that can help you with this. Another nice one is StatCounter (

It’s critical to learn how to utilise any statistics tool you use. There are a variety of indicators you can use to improve how your website interacts with its users, but for now, we’ll only focus on the keywords people used to find each page.

This is a fantastic one to focus on if you have a sales page. Look at the statistics for this page to see where the visitors are coming from. Are there any keywords you haven’t thought of yet? Are there any keywords that are connected but not on the same topic? Are there any things that you should be covering but aren’t (as suggested by the keywords)?

Create new pages for these various but connected themes, as well as any other areas that you should be covering but aren’t. Make use of your data to figure out what people are truly looking for. In the beginning, you don’t have to spend $56 each month for a keyword tool. You can examine your own data to choose what you should write about next.

Striking Gold

Are individuals looking for products and ending up on your site despite the fact that you don’t sell or promote them? This is a strong indicator that this product is underrepresented on the web. If you’re getting traffic for a product that you don’t sell, you might want to consider building a page for it and selling it. If there were a handful of decent pages on this product already, they’d be getting the traffic, not you.

You can also check what Google and other search engines think your sites are about by looking at your statistics. If that does not accurately reflect what they are about, they may need to be rewritten or tweaked.

Regardless of how you use the statistics information regarding how visitors arrive at your website, it is quite valuable. As your website grows, you’ll want to print and save copies of this information so you can keep track of how it’s changing.

If you notice a drop in traffic for a specific term, it’s essential to be aware of and maybe address – especially if it’s a buying phrase.

Simply recognize that your website statistics are valuable and treat them accordingly. Essentially, you can utilize this data to determine what your visitors genuinely desire and are looking for, and then provide it to them.