The Easiest Approach to Getting Started

When you’re new to affiliate marketing and haven’t even gotten started, the amount of information available to you can be intimidating. However, there is a simple method to get started, and it is critical that you do so since you will learn more by doing than by reading.

The Easiest Approach

So, in my opinion, the simplest approach to get started in affiliate marketing is to follow these five steps:

1) Select a product on Amazon.
This product can be any price range, but it’s probably best to keep it between $40 and $200. This is an excellent price range to get you a good commision without costing so much that no one will buy it.

Even better if you can choose something that is currently popular. When something is trending, it suggests that it is something that people are purchasing now or will be buying soon – for example, if Christmas is approaching, choose a popular toy. Choose a product like a portable swimming pool, a specific colour of swimwear, or even some fancy summer shoes if it’s the end of spring.

2) Create an account on Squidoo.
Create a squidoo lens dedicated to the product you’ve chosen. You might not be able to use the Amazon module when you first start. If this is the case, create a regular link to the product on Amazon and then do whatever you need to do to earn enough points to use the Amazon modules. Go back in and add at least one Amazon module once you’ve figured out how to use them. Include an eBay module as well.
Write in the first person, in a nice and conversational tone. Do not plagiarise reviews from other websites. If you don’t know much about the product, tell a small tale about it and paraphrase the reviews that are already on Amazon.

Look at other people’s lenses to obtain a sense of how a lens should appear. If possible, include a link to your product in the very first intro module. Put something like this in the title of your Squidoo lens: Buy Product Name on the Internet. All of your module names should be variations on the product name.
Look at this lens for an example of a good sales lens on Squidoo:

If you don’t know what else to do, replicate the theme but structure your lens in a similar way.

3) Share your published lands on and in the Squidoo Facebook group. Participate in the community by visiting other people’s lenses, which will encourage them to visit yours. Create a backlink to your lens on sites like loveblinks, webnuggetz, and hubpages. You may also create a free blogger account and link back to your lens from there.

4) Pay attention to your numbers over the next several weeks to discover what kinds of keywords people are using to find your lens. If you believe it is relevant to a keyword that is already present on your lens, you can include it in the text. If you don’t believe it’s connected, you can design a new lens around the keyword and sell whatever it’s about.

5) Carry on with the procedure. You’re attempting to gain an understanding of how promoting things that aren’t yours works on the internet. Make an effort to apply what you’ve learned about designing lenses to your own blog.

Getting Started

Starting an affiliate marketing business is a marathon, not a sprint. It will take effort and time. But this is the simplest method to accomplish it because Squidoo has a built-in community of helpful people who will assist you with your lens and help it gain attention. In addition, Squidoo makes it simple to create money-making pages.