What Do I Do Now That I’ve Promoted Something?

It’s difficult to know where to start when you’re new to affiliate marketing. Once your website or means of promotion is up and running, you may wonder what you should do next.

Unless you currently have a lot of traffic, one of the first things you should do is start generating back links to your website or the pages you’re constructing. You might also want to look into additional sources of traffic besides what the search engines provide.

Let’s have a look at how to obtain backlinks:

Creating linkbait is one of the most effective techniques to obtain back links. There are a few options for accomplishing this. You can look at photographs that have gone viral on Facebook and see if you can make your own.

If you believe you can, upload the image to your website and include social sharing buttons above and below it. Once you’ve got that going, start sharing your photo and recommending it to everyone you know. Do anything you can to get the ball rolling.

Make sure to link back to your main website from this image so that any social sharing will benefit your site. The procedure is the same if you use free websites.

Another technique to generate linkbait is to compose a very informative post about a topic that is relevant to yours. Make it look like an article from the National Enquirer, but don’t include any sales links. You wanted to be something great that people would want to tell their friends about. Place social share buttons above and below the content, with a link back to your main site, so that search engines can see how much people enjoy this page on your site.

Other options for getting connections into your site include going out and creating them. Many free websites, blogs, and revenue-sharing platforms allow you to create pages on anything you choose and link back to your own website from within them. These websites are authoritative and will link to your website. Here are a few examples:


These will keep you occupied while you begin to build backlinks to your website. If you already have a lot of traffic and don’t believe you need to build backlinks, you should probably focus on figuring out how to convert that traffic into sales.

There are a variety of factors that can influence how well your traffic converts, and this is the type of thing you should start investigating. Start by searching for ways to improve conversion rates on Google and then trying. You can always improve on what you’re doing today in affiliate marketing.