You don’t have any money? How to Get Started Without Spending Any Money

Have you run out of cash? Don’t be concerned. Without spending any money, you can get started with affiliate marketing. And, regardless of how you get started, your business can always expand and develop, so just because you started on a free platform doesn’t mean you have to stay with it indefinitely.

In reality, your free webpages can generate revenue to help you build your business, as well as serve as assets by allowing you to link to your own websites once you’ve built them.

So, let’s go over all of the areas where you may get started for free. Actually, there’s no way we could cover every free way to get started because the list is endless and growing by the day. However, we can discuss some of the best free locations to begin started.

You don’t have any money?

It would be a fantastic idea to start a free blog. is an excellent resource for this: 1) Blogger is owned by Google, and Google is a big fan of blogger blogs. 2) There are no limits when you build a blog at — for example, if you launched a blog at, you would be told that you couldn’t put commercial links on it. Blogger isn’t going to do that to you. On your blogger blogs, you can do anything that is lawful.

Another advantage of starting a free blog is that you are expanding your information base. The more blogging platforms you use, the easier it will be to find out how to use all of the buttons on new ones. Plus, with each blog post you write, you’ll gain a greater understanding of blogs and their function. Squidoo is yet another excellent place to begin. is a revenue-sharing platform that makes it simple to develop single-topic webpages. Squidoo also makes it simple to link to Amazon and eBay, and even if you live in a place where you can’t be an Amazon associate, you can still make money from Amazon sales by using Squidoo’s website.

Another great feature of Squidoo is their community. Squidoo has a forum and a few Facebook groups dedicated to them where other people who create Squidoo pages hang out. They’ll come to your lenses to look at them and give you social likes and shares if you go to their lenses to look at them and give them likes and shares. This is quite beneficial.

Hubpages used to be an excellent location to develop webpages similar to Squidoo, but Google no longer sends them a lot of attention, so I would avoid them till that changes.

Another revenue-sharing website is If you sign up for Google AdSense and provide your Google AdSense code to xomba, they will automatically rotate AdSense views between your AdSense code and theirs. This is how they split the profits. Many websites operate in this manner. has helped a lot of people get started in affiliate marketing. You get paid to write reviews and epinions. It’s simple!

So far, we’ve only discussed content sites; let’s add a few video revenue share websites to the mix. Of course, YouTube is the most popular, but in order to be allowed to include adverts on your videos, you must have tens of thousands of views before YouTube can let you into the programme. Let’s try something a little more straightforward. is a novel and intriguing concept in which you can be compensated for providing product video reviews.

How to Get Started Without Spending Any Money

There are a lot of revenue sharing websites out there, to be honest. You might spend hours searching for revenue share websites on Google. Long-term affiliate marketers will tell you that income share websites aren’t worth it since they can take your pages down at any time for any reason. While this is true, it happens far less frequently than those who warn you about it.

If a revenue share website avoids a certain topic or claims that your pages are in violation of anything, it’s likely that they’re doing so to keep Google happy. If this is the case, you should pay heed since you, too, want to be in Google’s good books.

Despite the risks, revenue share websites are still an excellent place to start and learn the ropes of affiliate marketing. Nothing would be smarter than going out and launching your own website once you’ve made some money. However, if you don’t have any money to begin with, launching a free blog or a revenue share website is a fantastic way to get started.